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Patriot Ammo Supply
Ammunition For Patriots And Private Citizens

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Custom Loaded
Personal Defense Ammo
And Hunting Ammunition

45 ACP Pistol Ammo
45 ACP 230gr HP Ammo
20 round box: $20.95 with discount

7.62/.308 Ammo 165gr HP
20 round box $26.95 with discount


7.62/.308 Brass 100 pcs



357 Magnum Ammo
38 Special Ammo 158gr XTP-HP
25 round box $19.95 with discount


9MM Brass 100 pcs
Reamed, Cleaned & Polished


Our goal is to do our part in preserving the right of the people to keep and bear arms by providing patriots and private citizens with a reliable, quality source of ammunition for rifles and handguns.

We appreciate your support and will do everything in our power to keep adequate ammo supplies to meet your needs. If you'd like to show your support with a donation of brass, primers, leads powder, equipment loading supplies or cash, please go here.

Manufactured and assembled in Montana. Patriot Ammo Supply is based in Montana's beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Patriot Ammo Supply currently offers remanufactured, reloaded rifle and pistol ammunition and custom reloading for 45 ACP, 9 MM, 38 Special, 223/5.56, 308/7.62, 357 Magnum, 30-06, 30-30, 40 S&W. We only sell to patriots and private citizens. We are not tied up with government contracts.


Buy, Sell or Trade: At Patriot Ammo Supply, we buy, sell and trade. We buy and sell new and used firearms. We buy brass, jacketed bullets, lead bullets, primers, powder and reloading equipment and accessories in any quantity small or large.

Brass Exchange: We offer discounts on ammo purchases when you return your brass or bring in once-fired and good quality, undamaged brass. Discover how you can buy your ammo for less through our unique brass exchange program.

Supply Guarantee Membership: Become a certified member to ensure a regular supply of ammunition. As a certified member your ammo is held in stock so you don't have to worry about backorders, out of stock items or not being able to buy ammunition when you need it. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us | Privacy | To Order By Phone Call 406-210-0860